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We take pride in being able to give back to our community

           An important responsibility of a successful business is to give back to the community where their families, employees and clients live. Located in Mercer Country, we allocate a meaning amount of time and resources toward improving the lives of fellow citizens from all walks of life.

Since 1979 Bill has serviced as President or Chairman for various Non-Profit Organizations including, Yardley-Makefield Jaycees, Rotary Club of Trenton, Trenton Rotary Foundation, Children’s Home Society of New Jersey and The Trenton Resource Center. He donated 1,000 hours as a volunteer Hot Line worker for Contact of Mercer County. At age 67, he began running half marathons for charity. To date, his fundraising projects have raised $1,050,000 for three non-profits.

Along with Co-Chairman RJ Lewis, Bill established the “Run For Club Kids” on behalf of the Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County (Trenton) to raise funds to assist intercity students prepare themselves for higher education. In the past four years The College Access Program has provided $1,031,000 in scholarships, technology and remedial training to worthy students. John Molinelli and Jeff Strasburg have run The Princeton Half Marathon alongside Bill and have been a big part of the project.

We plan on continuing our dedication to the Boys & Girls Club for the intermediate future.

Our Recent Accomplishments


  • Bill put together a fundraiser for the Rescue Mission of Trenton.
  • Jeff was inducted to join the Board at Fisherman's Mark for a 3 year term, which he is elated about. In addition, he just helped vote on a fourth round of grant funding for the NextGen Giving Circle, which surpassed $100,000 in total grants to local nonprofits in Mercer County.


  • Bill and the team were able to raise $213,000 in the 6th year of the Run for club kids. This closed their $1 million goal!
  • Jeff joined the Finance Committee for Fisherman's mark, after his involvement in the Hurricane Ida Fundraising.


  • The team spearheaded another year for the Run for Club Kids. Our group was able to help raise $200,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County.
  • Jeff's local community in Lambertville was devastated by flooding from Hurricane Ida, so he organized a matching fundraiser with Bill. They raised $30,000 for a local Non-Profit, Fisherman's Mark, to help support flood victims.
  • John, serving as the president of the Rotary club Trenton, was also able to raise funds for Fisherman's Mark to support flood recovery efforts.


  • In 2020, the team had to adapt to the "new normal" by hosting a virtual run. Despite the obstacles, the new format was a smashing success. We helped raise an additional $213,000 and were able to host a small run with our team along the Delaware Canal towpath.
  • Although unlucky timing, Jeff joined a local charity group called the NextGen Giving Circle. Members contribute on a monthly basis and vote once a year on which grants from local charities they will be funding.


  • In 2019, Bill, John, and Jeff ran the Princeton Half Marathon again. The three of them helped raise another $151,000 for the Club.
  • In 2018, Bill, John, and Jeff ran the Princeton Half Marathon. Bill and Jeff helped to raise another $121,000 for the Boys & Girls Club, while John was able to raise $18,000 for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.  
  • In 2017, Bill kicked off "Run for Club Kids", a fundraiser that he and RJ Lewis, CEO of eHealthcare Solutions, created to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County.
  • In 2016, Bill ran for Rescue Mission of Trenton, Bill raised $32,050 to help further provide a safe place for the homeless 
  • In 2015, Bill raised $16,112 for "Organization for Autism Research" also known as OAR on behalf of his grandson.