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Socially Responsible / Futursitic Investing

Investing for Tomorrow

There is a lot of buzz in the industry surrounding Socially responsible investing right now. Some of it is genuine, some of it is just a marketing ploy. Because of this, our team takes the time to truly understand what it means to invest responsibly, with the future of our planet, our economy, and our children in mind. With an emphasis on finding the balance between predictable returns and thematic investing, here are some of the industries we are focusing on: 

      Socially Responsible Themes


      • Greenhouse gas emissions goals
      • Active relationship with EPA
      • Use renewable energy (ie. solar, wind, etc.)
      • Low Carbon Footprint


      • Fair employee treatment (ie. Wages, benefits, etc.)
      • Diversity and Inclusion
      • Safety Policies (ie. Sexual harassment prevention)
      • Public stance on social justice issues


      • Transparency with shareholders
      • Transparency about board of directors
      • Transparency about compensation packages
      • Transparent relationship with the SEC

      Futuristic Themes


      • Electric/autonomous cars
      • Battery storage and innovation
      • Infrastructure


      • Artificial intelligence
      • Robotics and automation
      • Semiconductors

      Medical Advances:

      • Biotech and the genomic revolution
      • Medical Devices

      Next Generation Connectivity:

      • 5G Networks
      • Cyber security
        • Gaming/E-Sports

        All investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.